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Positively Izzy, by Terri Libenson

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Brianna (Bri) is a brain, a little Einstein. She likes that she gets good grades, but wants people to know her for who she is on the inside, rather than judging her for pen markings on papers. She doesn't want to have a label stuck on her. 

Izzy is a dreamer, a pure artist. She likes to write stories and loves to act, enjoying the way she change herself, just throw away her identity and take up someone else's. But she isn't exactly an "A" student.

Bri is dreading the school Talent Show. Her mother, the drama teacher, has always been pressuring her to try acting as an activity, but Bri hates to act. Then, on the day of the show, Bri's mom comes up to her and says, "One of the talent show entries is a group of 7th graders doing short, interrelated scenes from a play. There's a two -person scene... and an actor got sick." Bri knows what she is going to say next. "They need a last-minute replacement."

Izzy, on the other hand, can't wait for the school Talent Show. She's been practicing her act for days, and she knows she's ready! But one day, at school, she forgets to do a "mandatory" assignment for math, earning a zero, again. She plans to hide that fact from her mom, but her mom discovers the assignment lying on a table, and punishes Izzy for the zero by telling her she can't go to the Talent Show. 

Brianna and Izzy don't exactly know each other at the moment, but soon, their lives will meet in a rather unexpected way...

I can personally relate with Izzy in one or two ways. I do forget assignments and try to hide that fact from my parents, but they eventually find out and punish me for it. And I can't always focus in class. I can relate with Bri in that I do get good grades (straight-A 7th grader, thank you very much!), I don't like acting, and I have parents who pressure me to do things that are out of my comfort zone.

You see, Bri and Izzy are just your two average 7th grade girls. They don't have superpowers, they aren't especially popular, and they enjoy simply to be with their friends and family. But this story of two average girls and their average lives is both surprising (wait until you read the ending!) and likely to put a smile on your face.

Positively Izzy is a graphic novel for ages 9-12. If you are a fan of Raina Telgemeier's SmileSistersDrama, and Ghosts; the well-known Babysitter's Club series; or Sunny Side Up and Swing It, Sunny by Matthew and Jennifer L. Holm, then here is my 100% guarantee that you will like this book.

So read on, and remember, be positive!

Daddy's afterthoughts:  

"I do forget assignments and try to hide that fact from my parents..."

Say what, now?

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